Map Of Kingston-Upon-Hull

This map of the English province of Kingston upon Hull portrays the entire Kingston upon Hull region and its surroundings, providing detailed information about the major cities of this province. Having all the administrative information provided by this map of Kingston upon Hull, it is easy to plan your travel-related aspects as hotel booking, renting a car using a car hire agency in the area or calculating your overall expenses. The surrounding districts are also included in detail, which makes this map of Kingston upon Hull the perfect companion in trips that take you all around this part of England and are not limited to Kingston upon Hull alone.

Kingston upon Hull is a unitary area in a ceremonial county. It is also a recognised city within the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is located at River Hull in junction, basically 25 miles off the North Sea.

Map Of Kingston-Upon-Hull

Hull has an estimated 256,000 residential population. The LUZ or the Larger Urban Zone has got an estimate population of 573,300. The monks of Meaux Abbey since its foundation in the 12th century considered it to be the perfect place for the port where their wool can be exported from. Its strategic location at the juncture has made it an important place to build the quay.

Although the exact day when Hull was established remains to be unknown, a lot of people believe that it was found in 1193. Back then, it was referred to as Wyke on Hull. In 1299, King Edward renamed it as Kings town. Back then, both the town and city of Hull served as the military support port, fishing centre, market town, trading hub and basically what an industrial metropolis.

The Early Battles of the Civil War were staged in theatre battles yet one of its parliament members paved the way to the eradication of the Britain slave trade. Kingston upon Hull is unique for having its own unique telephone system which is municipally owned since 1902.

The World War II has caused a lot of damage to the county that it went through a post-industrial decline which resulted to unfavourable results. Desperate measures were taken including social deprivation on education and policy-making. The unitary authority including the city has an estimated land area of 27.59 sq miles.