Map of Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a popular tourist destination especially among water sports fans. A map of Isle of Wight is the starting point in planning a successful vacation here. By using this map of Isle of Wight, you can decide upon the location of the hotel where you want to reserve rooms and the tourist sights that you want to visit. Having this information, you can go to the second step in planning your vacation: estimating the travel insurance costs, the overall costs and finding out if there are affordable car hire services in the area. A printed version of this map of Isle of Wight will be a helpful companion in your actual trip, helping you orientate across the region.

The Isle of Wight used to be called Vectis during the ancient Roman period. It is one of the largest islands in England situated near the English Channel. The Isle of Wight is about 3 to 5 miles near the coast of Hampshire, now separated from the main island of Great Britain. The strait of Solent divides the Isle of White from what is referred to as the mainland by its residents, the Great Britain.

Map Of Isle Of Wight

The Isle of Wight is characterized by its size based on the highness or lowness of tide. It is England’s smallest county when the tides are high while Rutland is the smallest island when the tides around Wight are low. Since the Victorian era, the island resorts in Wight have become a most-visited tourist destination.

Its history is made even more special when it became an independent kingdom during the 15th century. It was like that until 1995. Similar to Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Wight has its own governor. This county is popularized because it has become the home to the famous poets Tennyson and Swinburne. It is also where Queen Victoria chose to build her summer home.

The main industry of the island revolves around its maritime and industrial traditions such as that of boat building, manufacturing of flying boats as well as sail making. The testing of the space rockets of Britain was also done in the area. The Isle has always been a part of Hampshire until 1890 before it became an administrative county.

Residents who wish to travel from the Isle of Wight to Great Britain can always use Portsmouth using the hovercraft.