Map of Highland

Due to its vast and wild territory, Highland is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Scotland. Because this is one of the largest Scottish provinces, you will need a good map of Highland to help you plan your itinerary and take care of other travel-related issues such as finding an affordable hotel, planning your general expenses and your travel insurance costs or find a good car hire company. This map of Highland is very easy to use and it will be a very good travel companion.

The Scottish Highlands is the historic area of the country. Culturally, the distinction between the highlands and the lowlands was made during the Middle Ages and the differences are lived up to the modern times. Scottish Gaelic was replaced by the Lowland Scotts throughout majority of the lowland area of Scotland. Although the exact boundaries of this division were not clearly defined, the term Highland is still used to refer to the areas in the northern and western part of the Highland Fault.

Map Of Highland

From the south east part of the North Western Highlands, the Grampian Mountain is divided by the Great Glen. Today, Scottish Gaelic covers both the Highlands and Western Isles. Most of the region is made up of mountain ranges including Ben Nevis, considered the highest peak of the British Isles. Before the great move in the 19th century, people opted to live in the Highlands. It became heavily populated. With a mixture of factors including the outlaw of what was traditional way of living because of the Rising of Jacobite in 1745, people began to migrate in the low lands.

Industrial Revolution resulted to the increase in the population of the urban areas especially those lowlands in Europe. Highlands is under the control of the Highlands Council. The administrative centre of the council is in Inverness. The Highlands of Scotland also covers other areas such as Aberdeenshire, Argyll and Bute, Angus, Moray, Stirling, and Perth and Kinross. Each one has its own council that provides the local legislative needs of the area.