Map of Herefordshire

This map of Herefordshire illustrates all the major areas of interest for a traveller (cities, towns, boundaries and provincial surroundings). This map of Herefordshire provides a useful tool in planning ahead your travel route, choosing the cities where to make hotel reservations or considering which mean of transportation should be used (car hire service, personal car or train). If you want to have a better visual image of the administrative layout of this province, please see the map of Herefordshire below.

This is a map of Herefordshire, a county within the West Midlands region of England. This map shows you the roads, motorways and provincial divides of this county.

Map Of Herefordshire

Herefordshire is known as a historic and ceremonial county. It is held within the West Midlands region of England. It is part of a unitary district which is formally known as the County of Herefordshire. Herefordshire shares its borders with the English ceremonial counties of Worcestershire to the east, Shropshire to the north, Gloucestershire to the south-east, as well as Welsh counties of Gwent to the south-west and Powys to the west. The Herefordshire border helps form part of the England border.

Herefordshire has a population of just over 180 thousand and has a total area of 840 Square Miles. The county is one of the most sparsely populated in England, with its population density rating coming in at 212 inhabitants per mile. The majority of the land in the county is used for agricultural purposes and the county is widely known for a quality fruit and cider production as well as the Hereford cattle breed.

Herefordshire also has England’s 5th largest river flowing through it. Two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are in the county (An award given by a special council in England.) One of which is The Wye Valley, located in the south area of Hereford, the second being the Malvern Hills which are in the East of the county.

Hereford is Herefordshire’s county town and is known as a cathedral city. It has a population of just over 55 thousand and is Herefordshire’s largest settlement.