Map of Hampshire

This detailed map of Hampshire shows the major cities of this English province, their surroundings and the main points of interest within Hampshire. Travel details and other trip related issues, such as hiring a car or finding a good hotel, are easier to handle when you have a visual interpretation of the places you are going to visit such as that provided by this map of Hampshire. If you are travelling from abroad, you shouldn’t forget to seek information about the travel insurance laws and costs. For more information about the location of Hampshire, please consult the map of Hampshire below.

Hampshire is located at the southern coast of England. It is one of the many counties of the United Kingdom. Winchester, the former capital city of England, is the county town of Hampshire. It is considered as one of the most populous ceremonial counties of United Kingdom exclusing the counties in the outskirts of United Kingdom.

Map Of Hampshire

Hampshire is characterized by the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force as well as the British Army. This county is the so called birthplaces of these three big institutions. Dorset is its boundary in the west while Wiltshire surrounds it in the north-west. North has Berkshire while Surrey and West Sussex lies in its borders in the north-east. The coastline of the English Channel lies in its southern boundaries including Solent, which is facing the Isle of Wight.

South East England has its largest county in Hampshire. It is also considered as the third largest shire county even though it losing more land than any other county local in England. The Local Government Act of 1972 brought about all these boundary changes that shifted the position of almost all the counties in England. In 1889, Hampshire was, then, considered of the fifth largest county in England.

Today, the area of Hampshire has an overall of 3,700 sq kilometres which measures about 76 kilometres north-south and stretches about 86 kilometres in the east-west. It offers a variety of options when it comes to tourist attractions. They have a number of seaside resorts, motor museum and national parks including the New Forest and the South Downs. It also has two of England’s famous ports -- Portsmouth and Southampton