Map of Halton

This map of Halton illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main courses of water in the area. This map of Halton is especially useful for tourists that are travelling from other countries because it provides useful indications about the surrounding provinces and the access routes to Halton. You can choose as your main destination Runcorn, the capital city of Halton and, after checking in at a local hotel, you can use this map of Halton to discover the other attractions this province has to offer. Because this province is small, you can travel to your destinations within the province by car (your own or a rented one from a car hire company).

This is a map of Halton, which has the status of local government district and is located in the North West region England. This map will show you the roads, land marks and general information about the town.

Map Of Halton

Halton is a local government district within North West England. A unitary authority administers Halton and it also has the status of “Borough”. In 1974, Halton was formed as a district within Cheshire, In April 1988, the town become an authority area. There are two towns with Halton’s borders, one being Widnes and the other being Runcorn. Several Civil Parishes are located in the area, such as Daresbury, Hale and Moore.

The district of Halton shares its borders with Merseyside, Warrington, and Cheshire West and Chester. Halton is a town that goes back to around the 12th century, it was only in 1969 that the District Council originated.

There was a reform that was purposed to create metropolitan counties, made up of District Councils, within the most urbanised parts of England. This was largely based on the same model as the London Boroughs and the Greater London Council, which formed in 1965. North Cheshire and South Lancashire quickly adopted the reform and became two new Metropolitan Counties, with two more in plan to be formed around Liverpool. Eventually it was to be known that Halton would become a District Council within Cheshire, to the north. Although in 1986, The metropolitan Counties lost their County Councils and the remaining powers devolved quickly.

Within its 30 odd square mile border, it holds a population of just over 125 thousand people.