Map of Gwynedd

This detailed map of Gwynedd shows the major cities of this Wales province, their surroundings and the main points of interest within this district. You can find a good car hire service close to your hotel and, guided by this map of Gwynedd, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of this district. This map of Gwynedd also allows you to visit the surrounding districts as they are depicted in detail on the map.

This is a map of Gwynedd. This map should be able to provide you with a basic understanding of any roads, streets, landmarks or provincial divides within the region.

Map Of Gwynedd

Gwynedd is a local government area, within the North West region of Wales. Compared to all the local government areas within Wales, it is ranked as the second biggest when referring to geographical area. Due to its large size and relatively small population, it is known to be one of the more sparsely populated areas in Wales.

It has 121,000 people within its borders, 76.1% of which possess basic skills in the Welsh language, the highest percentage of Welsh language literate population within Wales. The area of Gwynedd is ranked 2nd in wales in terms of total area, measuring in at 2548 km squared, which is just around half of the 1st largest area in Wales (Powys).

Aside from being a local government area, it is also known as a preserved county, whose area covers Gwynedd and the Isle of Anglesey which are local government areas. Caernarfon is home to Gwynedd’s administrative headquarters, whilst Bangor is the area’s largest city.

The name Gwynedd derives from the area it lies on itself, which was formerly known as the Kingdom of Gwynedd. Most of the Snowdonia National Park is contained within Gwynedd’s borders. Bangor University is also located within Gwynedd, including Llyn Peninsula, which is a scenic area. Bangor University received its royal charter in 1885, it is known to be top rated in Wales for teaching, and has a spot in the top 15 places to teach in the UK.