Map of Greater London

It is hard not to get lost in this region, which is the most visited part of England if you don’t have this map of Greater London with you. After you have visited the architectural and historical sights, the old hotels and museums of London, you can find an affordable car hire service and drive around the province and its surroundings using this map of Greater London. Guided by this map of Greater London you will discover that there is more to see to this province than London.

Greater London, a ceremonial county, is an administrative area. It is the only London region in England. It was established in April 1, 1965 and it includes the City of London along with the 32 boroughs. Twelve of which are part of Inner London while the other 20 boroughs belong to the outer part.

Map Of Greater London

This ceremonial county, which was practically established alongside, is used by the Lord Lieutenant leading Greater London. On the other hand, the greater London Authority, composed of the London mayor of the London Assembly, is housed at the city hall. They are responsible for the local government steps that the county has taken.

The London European Parliament constituency occupies the large land area as that of the Greater London area. It covers about 1,572 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 8,174,000 based on the census taken in 2011. It has the highest GPA in the whole of England. Greater London then was first used in 1965 to refer to various areas that are much larger than the County of London.

London is divided into two major parts in terms of land area – the smaller city of London and the Greater London. This kind of settlement was because London continued to grow and absorb neighbouring settlements making its land area bigger. A series of various administrative reforms was not able to create and amalgamate the city of London with the metropolitan areas that surround it; thus resulting to such kind of arrangement.