Map of Flintshire

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The County of Flint, as it is sometimes called can be located in the north-east coastal zone of Wales. The Wrexham, Denbighshire, and the English counties of Merseyside and Cheshireare among those that it borders. One of the distinguishing features of Flintshire is its huge exclave, the Maelor Saesneg.

Map Of Flintshire

In the year 1996, Flintshire Unitary authority was implemented and brought about by the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994. It is among the 22 principal areas that were converted from its former two-tiered organization of districts and counties.

Flintshire may be stated as the smallest historic county of Wales, however its industry is never inconsequential as it is chiefly involved with manufacturing parts of aircrafts, specifically that of an Airbus wings. The renowned Toyota has a modernized plant that produced and maintained their engine parts in one of the bigger towns here. Tons of papers are milled in Shotton and corus steel processing is also one of the major industries of Flintshire. The northern part is their pride for their tourism trade. One of the leading internet companies, is a product of this county, founded specifically in its small town, Ewloe.

Visiting Flintshire can be both rewarding and fascinating. Be charmed by its resplendent beaches, enjoy some retail therapy from its long-established Flint markets, and be enthralled by their stunning heritage of the past such as the castles of the medieval eras. With their advanced railways and excellent roads, it is never too difficult to traverse the neighbourhoods of Flintshire.