Map of Fermanagh

If you are planning a trip to this region, this map of Fermanagh is just what you need to help you plan your vacation. You can use this map of Fermanagh to help you get to the location where you reserved hotel rooms and to make your explorations of the region as safe and pleasurable as possible. The map of Fermanagh below is one of the important items that you should include in your luggage together with your passport and travel insurance.

This is a map of County Fermanagh. This map aims to provide you with full details of any roads, landmarks, streets motorways and provincial divides within the county.

Map Of Fermanagh

County Fermanagh is a county within Northern Ireland. Fermanagh has a total area of just under 1,700 kilometres squared (653 Square Miles). In total, there are just over 60,000 people living within the county.
The town of Enniskillen is County Fermanagh’s county town. Out of the 32 traditional counties within the whole of Ireland, it is the 25th biggest in regards to total area. Looking at County Fermanagh in that regard, it comes into the land of Ulster, which is a historical province.

According to a 2001 census, there are four counties within Northern Ireland whose population primarily comes from an Irish Background. Fermanagh is one of these four.

County Fermanagh is surrounded by 5 of the 6 other counties. County Donegal lies to the north-west, to the west is County Leitrim. North-East of Fermanagh is County Tyrone, south- east is County Monaghan and south-west is County Cavan. It is located just under 100 miles from Dublin whilst Belfast lies around 75 miles away. The largest settlement within Fermanagh is its county town, Enniskillen, which resides in the centre of the county.

The majority of the county is located at the River Erne’s basin. The lakes of Lower and Upper Lough Erne dominate the area and most of the area itself is largely rural. There are large spans of water in the area, some of which reach up to 700 miles.