Map Of England

This is a map of the Country of England, on this map you will be able to find the Capital, the roads, the streets and provincial divides, as well as county or regional divides.

England is an island and a country that makes up a large majority of the United Kingdom. To the north of England is Scotland, and to the West is Wales. The surrounding seas include the Irish Sea, the Celtic Sea, the North Sea, and the English Channel. The majority part of England is make up the southern and central sections of Great Britain. There are also approximately 100 islands that are included within England’s borders such as the Isle of Wight and the Isles of Scilly.

Map of England

England has had a wide and longlasting impact on the rest of the world. Almost all of the world has some sort of English speaking region and schools, whilst the Anglican Church has had a successful influence on many countries religion. nother notable contribution from England is the law system, which many other countries are based upon. England is known to be the first in the world to become a nation under industrialisation, Due to the 18th Century Industrial Revolution.

A large amount of England’s land is made up of low hills and wide plains, this type of land is more commonly seen in the southern and central regions of England, whereas the further north you go, the more you will see uplands and mountain ranges. Notable uplands include Lake District, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales.

London is the Capital City of England, although this was not always the case. Prior to 1066, the city of Winchester was England’s capital city. The United Kingdom’s largest metro area is London. London is also the European Unions most urbanized area. A large majority of the 53 million people population live in London and the surrounding areas. The history of the area known as Great Britain started with the Kingdom of England.

Post 1284, The Kingdom of England, which also had wales within its territory, was known as what is called a sovereign state. Post May 1707, many Treaties, acts and agreements came into place that combined the Kingdom of Scotland with the Kingdom of England. Thus creating The Kingdom of Great Britain.

Great Britain further expanded in 1801, when it was combined with the Kingdom of Ireland through more acts of unionisation and treaties.