Map of Edinburgh City

It is easy to get lost in this region, which is the most visited part of Scotland if you don’t have this map of Edinburgh City with you. This map of Edinburgh City is the perfect tool to organize your vacation to this part of Scotland because it provides detailed information about the city, its surroundings and routes between them. After you have visited the architectural and historical sights, the old hotels and museums in Edinburgh by foot, you can find an affordable car hire service and drive around the province and its surroundings using this map of Edinburgh City.

Exploring Scotland’s Capital will bring us to its history that is filled with fascinating facts. Edinburgh is predominantly remembered for its tenement houses. It is both occupied by the rich and poor in the later part of the 18th century when the population escalated quickly to 35,000.

Map Of Edinburgh City

The surroundings at this time could be depicted as a city in deplorable condition. The settlers jam-packed the narrow streets and had kept it unsanitary and unfit for dwelling. This “old town” had to be deserted, especially by the well-heeled residents and relocated to London. With the aim of drawing back their attentions, a competition was launched that would lead to creating a new look in some of its shabby areas. The 27-yearl old architect, James Craig came up with the best design. The Georgian New Town still owes him the inspiration of the recent structural works of ordered grid along the streets. The historic “old town” along with the “new town” are still preserved for the future generations to see and gain insights from its splendid architectural legacy that is highly distinguished all over the world. It was so renowned as loaded with so much interesting relics from its ancient civilization, it holds the title of World Heritage Site in 1995.

Edinburgh came to be labelled as the “Athens of the North” owing to its existence of classical structures. It is also the home of several geniuses. Alexander Graham Bell, the creator of telephone is a product of the renowned school, University of Edinburgh.

At present, Edinburgh is a blend of urban and rural lifestyles. It has both the convenience of a modernized city and the serenity of countryside.