Map of Dundee City

This city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Scotland. If you are planning a trip here, this map of Dundee City will help you gather data about it so that you can make hotel reservations and car hire arrangements. This map of Dundee City illustrates the position of the city, its borders and its neighbouring regions. A printed version of this map of Dundee City is easy to use and you can fold it and keep it in your wallet, together with your traveller’s cheques and your travel insurance papers. 

The City of Dundee or more popularly referred to as Dundee is one of the largest cities in Scotland. It is strategically located at the east central Lowlands towards the northern part of the Firth of Tay which basically all meet in the North Sea. Dundee City is proclaimed to be part of the 32 council areas recognised by the local government of Scotland.

Map Of Dundee City

During the Medieval times, this small town used to be a burgh but towards the 19th century, the town rapidly expanded due to the rise of the jute industry. Dundee city is known to be the town for jute, jam and journalism alongside the other major industries in the area.

Around June of 2012, the city of Dundee had an estimated population of more than 150,000. The highest recorded population of Dundee City was recorded in the 1971 census which reached to about 182,000. However, since that peak, the population continued to decline, mostly of old age and perhaps even migration.

Dundee is at present marketed as “One City, Many Discoveries,” to honour the rich historical and scientific activities that goes on in the city. It was in the 1980s when technological as well as biomedical industries came to Dundee. Today, it accounts for about 10% of the digital entertainment of the United Kingdom.

There are basically two universities in the City of Dundee – The University of Abertay Dundee and the University if Dundee. Visitors who wish to get a view of Dundee like a 360 degree camera, they drive up or maybe take a walk at Law, Dundee. It is an uninterrupted view of Dundee including the Tay estuary and the bridges that come with it.