Map of Dunbartonshire

If you are travelling to Scotland by personal car, using a car hire service, or by train, this detailed map of West Dunbartonshire is an essential companion. This very accurate and easy to use map of West Dunbartonshire familiarizes the traveller with the location of the province, its neighbouring regions, its capital and its boundaries. Travel details and other trip related issues, such as finding a good hotel and estimating the costs of the travel insurance and the total expenses, are easier to handle when you have a visual interpretation of the places you are going to visit such as that provided by this map of West Dunbartonshire.

This is a map of Dunbartonshire, which is an area within Scotland. This map will provide you with information regarding roads, streets, motorways and regional divides of the area.

Map Of West Dunbartonshire

Dunbartonshire is a registration count and lieutenancy area within Scotland, more specifically the west central Lowlands region. It lies north of the River Clyde. It is often referred to by its alternate name, the County of Dumbarton. Dunbartonshire has a total area measuring 625 kilometres squared (241 square miles) and is ranked 25th in that regard.

The local government used it as a primary unit when it was a county. This include its administrative centre, which is located in the town of Dumbarton, which is also its county town. The administration section was transferred to the council in 1975.

The area had formerly made up a part of what is known as the historic district of Lennox. Lennox was a duchy in the Peerage of Scotland related to the Duke of Lennox. The name came from the Scottish Gaelic translation for “Fort of the Britons” which translates into Dumbarton.

The county of “Dunbarton” and the county of “Dumbarton” were often used interchangeably as the spelling of the county and county town had never been standardised. This lead up to the point where different county bodies would use different spellings. In 1914, Dumbartonshire County Council had the adoption of the spelling “Dunbartonshire” set up. This spelling still stands to the day and the Local Government (Scotland) Act of 1947 recognises this fact.