Map of Downpatrick

This map of Downpatrick is essential if you are planning a trip to Northern Ireland and, together with your travel insurance and your hotel reservation is a key element to a pleasurable and safe vacation. This map of Downpatrick reveals the major tourist attractions and the administrative divide of this province, together with its major cities. This map of Downpatrick helps the traveller estimate the distances within the province in order to find the best means of transportation - car hire, train or airplane.

This is a map of Downpatrick. Any details that surround the roads, streets, landmarks, motorways and provincial and regional divides that are located in the area can be found on this map.

Map Of Downpatrick

Downpatrick is a town within Northern Ireland. Specifically the town has the status of Medium Sized Town and Is located around 21 miles south of the city of Belfast. Downpatrick is within County Down. Downpatrick has a notable history and has remained important since ancient times. The cathedral within the town is apparently the place where Saint Patrick was buried. Down District Councils headquarters are located in Downpatrick and the town is also the county town of Down. The 2001 Census estimated that there were over 10,000 residents in the area.

Downpatrick is known to be not only a recreational and commercial centre, but an administrative one too, due to the fact that it is the largest town that resides in the Lecale area. Downpatrick can also be referred to as a hub for any villages and towns that rest nearby. The town is also a commuter town for many people, as it is only about an hour’s drive away from Belfast. The town is around 22 miles from Belfast.

Downpatrick is home to a large number of early education schools and a few fair colleges. The area that Downpatrick is located in, is said to be the lowest land in the whole of Ireland. In the nort east of the town, there is a marsh that has been verified to be below sea level by about 1.3 ft.