Map of Derbyshire

This detailed map of Derbyshire shows the major cities of this English province, their surroundings and the main points of interest within Derbyshire. This map of Derbyshire is a useful tool in researching your trip and it helps you determine the exact location of the tourist objectives you find interesting. Having your route clear in mind, you can easily find an affordable hotel or car hire service. Using this map of Derbyshire you will able to plan every detail of tour trip, including the costs of your travel insurance and the overall expenses.

This is a map of Derbyshire, which is known as a county and is located within the East Midlands region of England. A large majority of the land that makes up the Peak District National Park is within Derbyshire’s borders.

Map Of Derbyshire

The county shares it borders with several counties. To the north is West Yorkshire, and to the northeast is South Yorkshire. Greater Manchester lies northwest and south east is Leicestershire. West of Derbyshire is Staffordshire as well as Cheshire.

The southern Majority of the Pennine range of hills is contained within the north of the county. Derbyshire also holds around a 225 mile portion of the National Forest.

Within Derbyshire there is an area known as the Church Flatts Farm. This area lies just off of Coton in the Elms, and in 2003 it was recorded to be the furthest distance you could be from the sea, in all of Great Britain. The arre is Staffordshire as well as Cheshire.shire, and to the northeasy is South Yorkshire. ' notable families, known for co Derby City is officially still a part of the Derbyshire Ceremonial County, although it also known as an Authority Area.

The city holds around 30 towns. The smallest towns have around 10,000 people and the largest have approximately 100,000. Much of the land in the county is unused, with 3/4s of the total population living within 1/4 of the total area. Derbyshire has just over 1000 Square Miles of land, and contains just over 1 Million people, which gives it a rank of 20 when comparing to other counties in England.

The county of Derbyshire is a hotspot for tourist attractions, as it can offer Peak District scenery, as well as metropolitan destinations. Derbyshire can also offer attractions such as castles, local history, museums, and areas which are extensively used for cycling and hiking.