Map of Derby

If you are travelling to Derby from abroad or from another province in England, by personal car or using a car hire service, this detailed map of Derby is an essential companion. This map of Derby clearly illustrates the location of the major city of this province, its borders and the major rivers that cross the district, making it easy for you to plan your vacation. When arriving at your destination you can use this map of Derby to guide you in finding a hotel in the area. When on vacation, you should keep all the important documents (passport, travel insurance papers, traveller’s cheques) on you at all times.

This is a map of Derby, which aims to provide you with a basic understanding of any roads, streets, motorways, capitals and landmarks, as well as any regional or provincial divides.

Map Of Derby

Derby is located within England, specifically the Eastern Midland area. It has both city status and unitary authority status. It lies south of Derbyshire, a ceremonial county and sits around the River Derwent’s banks. Derby was formally the county town of Derbyshire.

According to a 2011 census, Derby has a population of approximately 250,000 people. The total land area for Derby is approximately 78 km squared (30 miles squared).

Derby is widely known to be the birth place of the world’s first production factory. It is also named as the Industrial Revolution’s origin. When Railways first arrived in Britain at the turn of 19th century, it became a leader in the rail industry due to its central location and strategic growth.

In modern times, the city is still internationally known as a world leader for advanced manufacturing of transport. It holds the base of the Rolls-Royce Company, which is the world’s 2nd biggest Aero-Engine manufacturer. It is also home to a train manufacturer, which is the only one in the whole of the United Kingdom. Toyota’s UK Base for its manufacturing of automobiles can be found south of Derby. The Rolls-Royce base as well as the Toyota base are the city’s two largest employers.

Although the city is small in size, it has excelled in many industries and activities, including sports, the arts, engineering and economics.