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This map of Darlington illustrates the location of its capital and the surroundings of the province, helping you choose the best travel route into and within Darlington. Even if this province is just a province of transit on the way to another destination, this map of Darlington is useful as it shows the locations of the surrounding provinces and the most important tourist destinations in the area. However, it would be a shame not to experience the beautiful sights that this small but picturesque province has to offer. That is why you should make hotel reservations in the capital city and visit this province guided by this map of Darlington.

Darlington is settled on a tributary river of the River Tees, the River Skerne. Much of the town’s development came during the Victorian Era, and was brought about my local residents and families, one of the more notable families, known for contributing a great deal to the town is the Quaker family. The town is most known for being owner of the world’s first passenger railway, to this day, Darlington is still on the East Coast Main line and remains as an essential stop.

Map Of Darlington

The town’s name has changed more than once over the years. It had started as an Anglo Saxon settlement, and thus had the Anglo-Saxon name of Deathington which can be translated to “the settlement of Deornoth’s people.” Around the Norman times the name had been changed to Derlinton, and by the 17th and 18th centuries the town would be known as Darnton, although the name has somehow made it back to Darlington.

Darlington is often associated as being the origin of the Railway system. The town itself has a lot of pride in this fact and has since set up a local Darlington Railway Centre and Museum. In 1825, a journey between Shildon and Stockton-On-Tees, Running on the Stockton and Darlington railway, (Via Darlington) would forever be known as the world’s very first passenger journey by rail.

Darlington’s a population is approximately just over 100,000 (106,000.) Darlington is also the hometown of a wide list of notable people, including a good deal of footballers, actors and poets.