Map of Craigavon

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This is a map of Craigavon. Details surrounding any roads, streets, landmarks and motorways, as well as regional or provincial divides can be found on this map.

Map Of Craigavon which is south of Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland

Craigavon is a settlement is Northern Ireland. It is located within the north region of County Armagh. The town was planned in 1965 to be a settlement, taking its name from the first Prime Minister of James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon.
The plan saw the town being a linear city, which would incorporate Portadown and Lurgan, this plan failed however, with just under half of the work remaining unfinished. Partially due to some buildings being built with untested techniques and equipment, eventually the person who had been pumping money into the plan had one of his sources of incomes fail. The local residents of Craigavon refer to the area as being between the town towns of Lurgan and Portadown.

The town name can also refer to the Craigavon Urban Area, which is much larger in size. Bleary, Waringstown, Portadown, Lurgan, Brownlow and the Craigavon Centre are located within this region, and it holds a total population of around 65,000 people, which is over 5 times the size of the town of Craigavon.

Official statistics for the town are hard to track as there is no set standard for where the area begins or ends. Instead of being treated as an individual town, the town is grouped up with surrounding towns to form the Craigavon Urban Area. Most of the area that Craigavon lies on is flat land. It is separated by most of the surrounding areas and town by flat spreads of fields.