Map of County Antrim

The main benefit of this map of Antrim presented below is that it offers you an excellent visual identification of the region’s major interest points and routes. After checking in at a hotel, you can take a drive around the district using the car you previously rented from a local car hire service and, guided by this map of Antrim, begin exploring the region. This map of Antrim will help you explore the wonderful tourist sights this district has to offer.

This is a map of County Antrim, which aims to give you the details of any motorways, roads, streets, landmarks and regional or provincial divides in the area.

Map Of Antrim which hugs the bank of Loch Neagh in Northern Ireland

Country Antrim, which is known as Aontroim in the Irish language, is a county within Northern Ireland. Aontroim Translates to “Lone Ridge” in English. The county is located in the North-East region of Ireland and gets its name from Antrim, which used to be its county town.

The county has a total area of just over 3,000km and is adjoined to Lough Neagh’s east shore. County Antrim lies under Ulster, which is a historical province. In addition to being one of the 6 counties that make up Northern Ireland, it is also a traditional county of Ireland, with 32 in total. The total population of County Antrim is a little over 618,000.

The area holds a lot of rural land although there are many towns and cities within the borders. Rough and rugged landscapes can be found in the Glens of Antrim and a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found in the Giant’s Causeway which offers a unique landscape.

The county also holds a large part of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city, the remaining regions of the city can be found in County Down. One of the main night-life areas within County Antrim is Portrush, which is also a seaside resort that has proven to be popular. A whiskey named Bushmills is produced within the town of Bushmills, which also holds the oldest distillery with a license to make whiskey.