Map of Conwy

If you are planning a trip to Wales, you should research the hotels in the area, the costs of the travel insurance and the location of train stations, airports or car hire services with the help of this map of Conwy. This political map of Conwy outlines the major towns, cities, the capital of this province, its borders and surrounding provinces. By consulting this map of Conwy it will be easy to locate specific destinations.

Conwy or Conway as better known in the past, is one of those towns that have “market rights”. It is a community fortified with a wall, lies in front of Deganwy, in the opposite side of River Conwy. According to the record based in 2001 census, the total number of people residing was 14,208, including those of Deganwy and Llandudno Junction. Welsh language is still widely spoken both officially and casually.

Map Of Conwy in the north of Wales

The world’s first ever made suspension bridge can be found in Conwy county borough, in a medieval town of Conwy that lies in the North side of Wales. It was built by Thomas Telford to take place of the ferry. The construction was fully done in 1826. It extends over the River Conwy, beside Conwy Castle. At present the said bridge can only be crossed by walking through it. No vehicles are allowed to enter using it. The National Trust is being entrusted with its care.

Hailed as the “Smallest House in Great Britain” by the Guinness Book of Records, the house itself still exists in Conwy. With its measurement of 3.05 metres x 1.8 metres, it is quite difficult to imagine that it was continuously occupied during the 16 was crammed with it. The last dweller, a 6 foot tall fisherman named Robert Jones, was compelled to desert it due to hygienic issues. Besides, he could not even stand up straight considering the height of the rooms. Nevertheless, his descendants are still the rightful owner of it. It can be visited by tourists for a minimal fee.