Map of Coleraine

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This is a map of Coleraine, a town within Northern Ireland. This map aims to provide you with a general knowledge of any roads, streets, motorways, regional divides, provincial divides and landmarks in the area.

Map Of Coleraine on the north coast of Northern Ireland

Coleraine is a civil parish and large town within Northern Ireland. Specifically, it is located in County Londonderry, close to the mouth of the River Bann. Coleraine lies 48.4 km east of Derry (30 miles) and 88.5km northwest of Belfast. (55 miles)
Major railway connections and roads link those two towns. It is around 40km west of City of Derry Airport (25 miles) Belfast International Airport, which is the major regional airport lies to the south of the town, whilst George Best Belfast City Airport lies south east. All of the airports are extremely accessible from Coleraine.

According to a 2001 census, there were 25,042 people living within Coleraine. Northern Ireland’s disposable income average is much lower than the disposable income level of Coleraine. Within the region is the North Coast, where Northern Ireland’s highest property prices are. This may be due to the fact that the area has many high class facilities in very close proximity. These include: scenic countryside, golf courses, an attractive town centre, the Riverside theatre as well as a marina.

Although nightlife in Coleraine remains relatively quiet, the day sees a busy town. The largest polish community in Northern Ireland can be found in Coleraine. The title of “Best Kept Large Town” [In Northern Ireland] was given to Coleraine in 2010 by SuperValu Best Kept Awards.