Map of Clackmannanshire

If you are travelling to Clackmannanshire from abroad or from another province in the Great Britain, by personal car or using a car hire service, this detailed map of Clackmannanshire is an essential companion. This map of Clackmannanshire illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main courses of water in the area. Using this map of Clackmannanshire, the traveller can easily organize his trip and determine his travel destination as well as the main tourist sights in the area.

This is a map of Clackmannanshire, this map aims to provide you with a general understanding of any roads, streets, motorways, villages, towns, capitals and regional or provincial divides. Clackmannanshire is located within Scotland, it has the status of both Local Government Council as well as Lieutenancy Area.

Map Of Clackmannanshire showing its proximity to Edinburgh and Dunfermline

Clackmannanshire is formally known as a registration county and out of all the historic counties within Scotland, it is the smallest which gives it the commonly used nickname of “The Wee County”. Aside from the nickname referring to its size, there is also one to deal with the long name. It is used when written, and less commonly used when spoken. Clacks is abbreviated from Clackmannanshire.

Prior to 1822, the county town of Clackmannanshire was the town of Clackmannan. The neighbouring town known as Alloa outgrew Clackmannan and in 1822 replaced the smaller town.

Clackmannan County is known to be one of the 33 historic counties within Scotland. It shares its borders with Stirlingshire and Perthshire as well as Fife. Clackmannan County was created out of an territory that has the ancient name of Ross.

Due to its small size, the government decided to think rationally about the county’s land. Both in 1889-1890 and again in 1971. In the 1971 restructure, two areas which were formerly in the region of Perth County, Glendevon and Muckhart were both merged with Clackmannanshire to slightly increase its size. The total size of the area currently is around 570 square miles. The total amount of people within the area is approximately 50,000.