Map of Castlereagh

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This is a map of Castlereagh, which should be able to provide you with general knowledge surrounding any of the roads, streets, landmarks, motorways and provincial or regional divides within the area. Castlereagh is a borough within Northern Ireland. Specifically, it is known as a local government district that holds a borough status.

Map Of Castlereagh - a small county to the south of Belfast

It has a main urban area and is located south to Belfast City. The name for the borough derives from the barony of Castlereagh and the barony itself was named after a Townland under the same name. The Irish name for the town is Caislean Riabhach, which translates to The Grey Castle.

The Castlereagh Borough Council governs the borough. Most of the area is made up from suburbs of Belfast, as well as the hills known as the Castlereagh hills. Dundonald and Carryduff are two of the main population centres within the town. In 2011 the Census approximated the total population of the borough to be at around 67,200 people. Out of all residents in Castlereagh, 22% are Roman Catholic, whilst the remaining 68% are protestant.

Castlereagh, along with 25 other districts, was created in 1973, specifically on the 1st of October. Out of 26 districts, it is has the rank of 24th when regarding its total area, which measures in at just over 80 kilometres squared. This area combined with its total population gives it a population density rank of 10. It holds on average, 787 people within every square kilometre. The Admin Headquarters for Castlereagh is located at Upper Galwally, Newtownbreda.