Map of Carrickfergus

Using the administrative information gathered by studying this map of Carrickfergus, you can plan the logistical aspects of your travel such as hotel reservations, travel insurance issues and means of transportation to use (personal car or car hire service, train or airplane). This map of Carrickfergus illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts, its capital city and the main courses of water in the area. Because of its high level of detail, this map of Carrickfergus will be a great site locator during your trip.

This is a map of Carrick Fergus, which aims to provide you with a general understanding of the streets, roads, landmarks and regional or provincial divides of the area.

Map Of Carrickfergus - a small county on the east coast of Northern Ireland

Carrickfergus is a town in Northern Ireland. It is officially known as a large town and is located in the County of Antrim. Colloquially and locally, it is known as “Carrick”. The translation from the Irish name “Carraig Fhearghais” is “ Rock of Fergus”.

A large town (which Carrickfergus is known as) is a town with a population between 18,000 and 75,000 people. The title was given to the town by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research agency. Carrickfergus lies around 18km (11 miles) from Belfast, and is located on Belfast Lough, more specifically, the north shore.

The 2001 Census estimated that Carrickfergus had a total population of just over 27,200 people. The name of the town derives from the 6th century kind of Dal Riata, Fergus Mor Mac Eirc.

Out of all the towns in County Antrim, it is known to be the oldest. On top of that, it is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest settlements. Carrickfergus is one of the towns that make up the Belfast Metropolitan Area, it is also Carrickfergus Borough Council’s administrative centre.

A classic Irish Folk Song is named after the town, and features Carrickfergus as the subject of the song. Translating the lyrics from traditional Irish Language to English, shows that the song starts with the words “I wish I was in Carrickfergus”. The title of Baron Carrickfergus was a title that became extinct in 1883. In 2011, on his wedding day, the title was given to Prince William.