Map of Cardiff

As all of the major cities are listed on this map of Cardiff, you will have an easy time determining your travel itinerary and using it to find the best hotels and car hire services, as well as to plan other travel related issues such as travel insurance. This map of Cardiff illustrates the location of the province, its major cities, its capital, its boundaries and its connections with the surrounding districts. During your travel, you should keep a printed version of this map of Cardiff at hand so that you can easily find your destinations.

This is a map of the city ofCardiff, this map will provide you with a general understanding of the roads, streets and motorways as well as the regional and provincial divides of the city. It was in 1905 that Cardiff was referred to as City. It was then later declared as the Capital of Wales holding also the rank as its largest city. It was considered as the 10th biggest city in the United Kingdom.

Map Of Cardiff showing its proximity to Newport and Bristol

According to the surveys in population made in 2011, the city has total number of around 346,100 residents. The size of the area well stretches to just about 54 square miles.

It is entered as the sixth of the ten most significant tourist destination options by the National Geographic in 2011. Unsurprisingly, 18.3 million tourists in came to see this city in 2010, who definitely fell in love with rich Welsh cultures and historical markings. Described as the “city of castles”, it has five interesting castles that are situated in different locations.

Several decades ago, Cardiff had left its industrial commerce of the past and has since produced a new city with spectacular dimensions of stadiums and shopping centres. Its strong ties with sports have lead to hosting in sports events that receives thousands of spectators.

One if the city’s attributes is being relatively flat. Due to this, Cardiff came to have one of the chief ports that would carry coals from the craggy terrains of south Wales Valley.