Map of Cambridgeshire

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This is a map of the county of Cambridgeshire. This map should be able to show you full detsils of the roads, motorways, provincial divides and basic landmarks.

Map Of Cambridgeshire showing its two main cities - Cambridge and Peterborough

Cambridgeshire is a county in England, which borders Hertfordshire and Essex to the south, Suffolk to the east, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire to the west and Norfolk to the Northeast. Cambridgeshire is archaically known as the County of Cambridge abbreviating into Cambs.

The county has just over 3000 square kilometres in area, and holds a population of a little over 800,000 within. Cambridgeshire is one of the counties that holds a majority portion of what is known as “Silicon Fen.” Silicon Fen is an area widely known for its cluster of high-end and high-tech businesses, the name derives from the location and is also a play on the famous “Silicon Valley” in America.

The City of Cambridge is Cambridgeshire’s county town, and within the city is one of the known universities in England, The University of Cambridge. (Which is informally but more commonly known as “Cambridge University”) Which is noted as being the second oldest university in England, with records showing that it had been established in 1209.

In addition to the many famous names that the University of Cambridge can boast, it also had a great effect on the country’s most popular sport: Football. In 1848, the University wrote the first official set of rules for Football. The county itself is also the birthplace of many famous celebrities. The band members of Pink Floyd are from Cambridge as well as the singers from Muse and Radiohead.