Map of Bristol

This map of Bristol, a beautiful English province located close to the sea-side, is ideal for those who are planning a trip here because of its high level of detail. As the major cities are listed on this map of Bristol, the tourist will find it easy to locate his points of interest and major destinations. Once you have decided about the travel destination, it is very easy to go online and make hotel arrangements, find affordable car hire companies in the area and plan your estimated expenses that include your travel insurance. A printed version of this map of Bristol will also be a very useful companion on your trips, helping you orientate within the province and its surroundings.

Bristol, a ceremonial county in the South West England, is also considered a city and unitary authority. It has an estimated population in 2009 of about 433,100 as a unitary authority while the Larger Urban Zone has an estimated population of 1,070,00 residents in year 2007. It is considered as United Kingdom’s eight city with the most population. In fact, it is also England’s sixth city with the highest number of residents. Because of this, it has become a part of the Core Cities Group.

Map of Bristol showing its proximity to Bath and Cardiff

The city received its Royal charter in 1155, during the historical split of Gloucestershire and Somerset. In 1373, it was granted its County Status. Since the 13th century until before the great shift during the industrial revolution, it ranked as third among the cities including England, York and Norwich based on the taxes it receives. Yet during the latter part of the 18th century, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester sought its rise to the top.

Bristol borders the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire while nearing the historic cities of Gloucester to the north and Bath in the south east. River Avon is where the city is built around while it comes with a short coastline on the Severn Estuary flowing through the Bristol Channel.

Culture, employment and education is what Bristol is known for. Since its earliest days up until its development today, the county is associated with the sea. The Port of Bristol, which used to be commercial, was originally located at the centre of the city before it was moved to the Severn Estuary.

In the most recent years, the economy of the county depended on the creative media, aerospace industries and even electronics.