Map of Brighton and Hove

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Brighton and Hove is part of the ceremonial county of the East Sussex at the South East part of England. It is both a city and a unitary authority. It is considered as England’s most populous resort with a long coastal area. Its population reaches about to about 273,400 based on the 20111 census report.

Map of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England

A great number of archaeological remains were found in the area especially in the upper part of the county. Its coastal areas have also opened its doors to several invaders including the Romans and later on the Normans. All of these invaders have attempted to build their community in the area until it has grown to the county that it is today.

The towns of Brighton and Hove formed its unitary authority in 1997 following the unification of the councils of the two boroughs. It was in 2000 when these two towns along with all the surrounding villages have been granted by the Queen with a city status. Today, it is known as the City of Brighton and Hove.

Brighton and Hove is more popularly referred to as just Brighton because some of the locals of the area still considered these two towns as different from each other. This county has been a result of the different reorganisations that took place in the South East of England. The local government rearrangement has paved the way for a lot of changes including the birth of the county of Brighton and Hove.

Brighton that used to cover a part of Preston became a municipal borough in 1854. Later on, under the Local Government Act of 1888, it became a county borough while Hove, on the other hand, became a local board of health during the 19th century. It was in 1898 when Hove became an incorporated municipal borough.

The Fairtrade City status was given to the county of Brighton and Hove in October 15, 2004.