Map of Bridgend

This map of Bridgend is essential if you want to travel to Wales and, together with your travel insurance and your hotel reservation, it is an important element to take along on your trip. This map of Bridgend lists all the important administrative and tourist locations of the province, as well as its surroundings. This map of Bridgend will be a loyal companion and site locator during your trip.

This is a map of Bridgend. This map aims to provide you full details surrounding the roads, streets, landmarks, and regional or provincial divides of the county borough.

Map of Bridgend - A couny in Wales to the west of Cardiff and east of Swansea

Bridgend is a county borough in south Wales, located in Glamorgan which is a historic county. Bridgend contains several towns, notable Maesteg, Porthcawl which is a seaside town and Bridgend which the county is named after.

Bridgend has a total population of just under 140,000 people, giving it the rank of 9 in comparison to the other county boroughs in wales. When referring to the total area the county borough has, it is ranked 17th, with a total of 246 km squared (94 square miles). Bridgend is located at South Wales’s geographical heart. The land stretches 20km west to east, occupying the valleys of Garw, Ogmore and Llynfi. Bridgend is the county’s largest town, with a population of just under 40,000. Maesteg follows with just over 20,000 people. The seaside town, Porthcrawl has a population of just under 19,238 people.

Carwyn Jones is the First Minister of Wales, as well as being the county’s member for the National Assembly for Wales. Madeleine Moon is the county borough’s Member of Parliament. The former Ogwr boroughs (excluding Wick, Ewenny and St Bride’s Major) were combined and turned into the County Border of Bridgend in 1994 under the Local Government (Wales) Act. Several civil parishes were abolished and communities were introduced after the new act came into play. 20 communities make up the county borough of Bridgend.