Map of Bournemouth

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Bournemouth is a resort town that is part of the ceremonial county of Dorset in England. Based on the 2011 census, this coastal town has an estimated total population of 183,490. This number has made Bournemouth as the town with the largest population in the county of Dorset. Compared to Southampton and Plymouth, this town still has the largest settlement.

Map Of Bournemouth including the wider Dorset area and airport

The South East of Dorset conurbation is made up of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. This conurbation has a total population of about 467,000. Lewis Tregonwell was the founder of Bournemouth in 1810. Its economy which had a slow start accelerated since the establishment of the railway system. It became a recognised town in 1870.

The reorganisation of the counties has paved the way to the shift of Bournemouth from being part of Hampshire to joining the county of Dorset with two other towns. All of these took place in 1974. Yet in 1997, the town has established with a unitary authority, making it autonomous from the Dorset County Council. Its local council is called Bournemouth Borough.

This large coastal town at the south end of England became a popular destination for a lot of those who seek adventure. It has become the region’s centre for business. It is the home to the Bournemouth International Centre and a number of financial companies including Pruhealth and Liverpool Victoria.

Bournemouth has a total land area of about 17.83 square miles most of which make up the coastal areas of this town. Though it remained unsuccessful in tis desire to be recognised as a city, it aims to improve the industries that is housed in the area.