Map of Blackpool

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Map Of Blackpoolshowing its proximity to Preston and Liverpool

This is the map of Blackpool, a small town in North West England. This map shows you the most famous landmarks that made Blackpool the centre of tourism in England.

Blackpool, a seaside town and is a Lancanshire unity authority area of located at the North West England. Situated at the along the Irish Sea in the northwest coast, Blackpool is found in the middle of the estuaries of Wyre and Ribble.

With a total land area of 13.46 square miles, this borough is found 17.5 mi northwest of Preston, 30 miles northwest of Bolton, 27 miles off northern Liverpool and 40 miles north of Manchester. With a population of only 142,100, Blackpool is considered as one of the densely populated boroughs in Wales and the whole of England, which is outside of London.

Throughout its historical past, Blackpool has always been the coastal hamlet until the 18th century. When the people from England discovered the beauty of travelling to the coastal areas to find one’s self, they saw it as an opportunity to start a new life. Since then, several establishments have been built causing its population to blow up too.

Blackpool became a famous tourist destination that it is today. With the new railway system, it was able to attract more tourists from industrialised regions in Northern England to come and travel to Blackpool. In the beginning of the 20th century, the door of opportunities opened to Britons to go around and visit Blackpool as it became an established capital for luxurious vacation resorts.

Aside from the beaches that foreigners always come back for, Blackpool has got these tourist attractions to offer: the Blackpool Tower, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Illuminations, Blackpool Zoo, the Winter Gardens, Sandcastle Water Park and the UK's tramway.