Map of Blackburn With Darwen

This map of Blackburn with Darwen clearly defines the boundaries of the province the administrative aspects of Blackburn with Darwen. As all of the major cities are listed, you will have an easy time determining your travel itinerary and using it to find the best hotels and car hire services, as well as to plan other travel related issues such as travel insurance. As the surrounding attractions, cities and access routes are also detailed, the map of Blackburn with Darwen in its printed form becomes an excellent trip companion.

Blackburn is a large town in the county of Lancashire, England. It is strategically located at the north of the West Pennine Moors 9 miles from Manchester and 9 miles north of the border of Greater Manchester. Darwen is the boundary of Blackburn in the south which also forms the unitary authority with it. The administrative centre of this union is in Blackburn.

Map Of Blackburn With Darwen - just north of Manchester and east of Preston

The 2001 census of the UK Governments showed that Blackburn had an estimated population of 105,085.

Blackburn is a town used to be known for its milling industry but in the middle of the 13th century, the town transitioned into becoming the centre of textile manufacturing and production in England.

The textile industry had humble beginning considering that wool was first woven in domestic settings using localised systems.

When the Flemish weavers came to Blackburn and settled there in the 14th century, they brought with them the art of weaving and producing high quality textile. They were also the weavers who helped in the development of the woollen cottage industry.

The inventor of the spinning jenny by the name of James Hargreaves was once a weaver in Blackburn. The part of history when the highest and fastest economic growth of Blackburn was recorded was when the world began to see the importance of textile. Industrialization and the expansion of the textile industry paved the way to economic growth in Blackburn.

In fact, in England, Blackburn is considered as one of the boom towns during the Industrial Revolution, making is one of the most industrialized towns in the world. The textile sector in Blackburn has put it on the map of the world.