Map of Belfast

This detailed map of Belfast shows the major cities of this very important Northern Ireland province, their surroundings and the main points of interest within it. Using the information about the cities of this province provided by this map of Belfast, you can make hotel reservations in advance, take care of your travel insurance costs and even contact car hire companies in the area to ensure that your won’t have to worry about these logistical aspects during your actual trip. Please see the map of Belfast below for more information.

This is a map of Belfast. Details surround roads, streets and motorways can be found on this map, as well as land marks and regional or provincial divides.

Map Of Belfast showing its location in the east of Northern Ireland

Belfast is a city in Northern Ireland. It is Northern Ireland’s capital city as well as the largest city. Although some sections of South and East Belfast lie in County Down, the majority of the city is within County Antrim’s borders. It also lies in the centre of the “Belfast Urban Area”. The title of City Status was given to the city in 1888.

In terms of its population, it is the United Kingdom’s 14th largest city. In the whole of Ireland alone, it is the second largest. The total population of people within the city is around 280,000. The Belfast Urban Area has been recorded to have just under 600,000 residents, while 640,000 residents live with the Larger Urban Zone. There are two airports located in Belfast City, one being the Belfast International Airport and the other being George Best Belfast City Airport. The city is considered to be a major port, with the shoreline of Belfast Lough being dominated by industrial and commercial docks.

Belfast is the economic centre of Northern Ireland, but is also noted for being a centre for the arts, business and higher education, as well as being one of the top legal centres. Most of the city has been expanded considerably in modern times, some of which are still being worked on. One of the best examples for rapid and extensive regeneration is the area including and surrounding Victoria Square.