Map of Banbridge

This political map of Banbridge outlines the major towns, cities, the capital of this province, its borders and surrounding provinces. As all of the major cities are listed on this map of Banbridge, you will have an easy time determining your travel itinerary and using it to find the best hotels and car hire services, as well as to plan other travel related issues such as travel insurance. If you want to research your trip to Northern Ireland, please consult the map of Banbridge below.

This is a map of Banbridge, where you will be able to find the details and locations of any roads, streets, landmarks, motorways and provincial divides as well as regional divides.

Map showing the location of Banbridge within Northern Ireland

Banbridge is a town within Northern Ireland, specifically within County Down. The town rests on the A1 road and the River Bann. The name derives from a bridge that was built in 1722 and over the River Bann. The town owes most of its early growth to the fact that many people used it as a “coaching stop” when travelling from Belfast to Dublin and vice versa. It is also said that Irish Linen manufacturing helped the town thrive. The population during 2001 was recorded to be at around 14,744 residents, since then the population has seen an increase by about a fifth of that number and now rests at approximately 18,000 people. The town is Banbridge District Council’s headquarters.

The main street within Banbridge is often regarded as unusual, it levels out after rising to quite a steep hill. Horses that carried heavier loads would often faint before they could get to the top of the hill, so in 1834 an underpass was built. Downshire Bridge was the official name for the road and it was built by William Dargan, a more commonly used nickname for the street is “The Cut”.

Buskfest, which is an annual music festival as well as a competition for busking has been held in Banbridge every year since 2004. It has seen some artists famous worldwide come to compete, as well as travellers and performers from as far as countries like Australia.