Map of Ballymoney

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This is a map of Ballymoney, which aims to provide you with general knowledge surrounding the details of the town, including the roads, streets, motorways and landmarks.

Map Of Ballymoney in the north of Ulster

Ballymoney is a small town in Northern Ireland. It is also a civil parish. It is located in County Antrim. According to a 2001 census, Ballmoney had a population of a little over 9000 people. Ballymoney Borough Council currently serves the town. County Londonderry and County area are both areas which are covered by Ballymoney’s civil parish. Ballymoney is home to, and host to the Ballymoney Drama Festival. The drama festival was founded in 1933 and is Ireland’s oldest.

First-time house buyers have been shifted to the Balleymoney area, due to the fact that the area has cheaper houses than the surrounding areas of Portstewart, Portrush and Coleraine. Because of this, new houses have been increasingly in the area and as a result Ballymoney is expanding.

Balleymoney has a good amount of rail and road connections. The majority of which lead to Belfast’s, Derry’s and Northern Ireland’s main cities. The town itself is between Ballymena and Coleraine on a main road.

Out of the whole of Northern Ireland, the highest life expectancy rate can be found in Ballymoney. On average, females have a lifespan of 82 years, whilst males are at 79.6.

Despite having the highest life expectancy rate, it was found in 2013 that the residents of Ballymoney are the most likely to die from heart disease than any other area in Northern Ireland.