Map of Armagh

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This is a map of Armagh. This map aims to show you any of the roads, streets, motorways, landmarks and regional divides.

Map Of Armagh - a county in Northern Ireland bordering the Republic Of Ireland

Armagh is a town within Northern Ireland. It is County Armagh’s county town, and it is also a civil parish. The town is regarded to be of historical importance, not only for Christianity but for Celtic Paganism as well. It is also a seat for Ireland’s Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Church Of Ireland.

The town would be known officially as a medium-sized town, if it was not for the fact that in 1994 it was granted City status by Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II also gave Armagh the status of Lord Mayoralty in 2012. In a 2001 Census, the total population of Armagh was recorded to be at just over 14,000 people. This number ranks it as Northern Ireland’s least populated city, as well as the whole island of Ireland. In terms of the United Kingdom, it is the fourth smallest.

Since the time of Saint Patrick, the town has been known to be an educational centre. A common nickname for the town is “The city of saints and scholars”. The Royal School was founded in 1608 and since then a tradition of education has continued.

The former Archbishop planned for the city to have a university. The request was fulfilled for a brief amount of time, when an outreach centre was opened in a former hospital building by Queen’s University of Belfast in the 1990s.