Map of Argyll and Bute

This map of Argyll and Bute illustrates the layout of the province, its borders with other districts and the main courses of water in the area. If this your first visit to this province, after you check in at your hotel, you should take your printed version of this map of Argyll and Bute and go explore the wonderful sights the region has to offer. You can use this map of Argyll and Bute, either as an online guide or you can print it and take it with you during your travels.

This is a map of Argyll and Bute, which aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the roads, streets, motorways and landmarks of the area.

Map Of Argyll And Bute in the west highlands of Scotland

Argyll and Bute is not only one of Scotland’s 32 council areas, but a lieutenancy area as well. Lochgilphead is area for which the administrative area is held. Out of any Scottish council, Argyll and Bute covers the second largest administrative area.

Perth and Kinross, West Dunbartonshire, Stirling and Highland are all adjoined by the council area. Running through Loch Lomond is the border. Argyll and Bute is ranked 2nd in terms of total area, which measures at just under 7000 km squared (2700 Square Miles). The area is ranked 25th when it comes to population, with the number of people living in the area measuring at just 89,200 people, according to a 2010 estimate.

1996 is the time when the present council area was created. Argyll and Bute was taken out of the Strathclyde region, which at the time, was run under a two-tier loval government consisting of 19 district. The existing Bute and Argyll district as well as one of Dumbarton district’s ward were merged to create Argyll and Bute.

Most of the county of Argyll is included within the council area. Argyll, excluded the Morven Area which rests north of Mull. This area would become part of the Highland region in 1975. The county has also include a section of the county of Bute and another from the county of Dunbartonshire.