Map of Aberdeenshire

This map of Aberdeen City is very useful to any traveller who is visiting this city. On this map of Aberdeen City you can find the exact location of the airport and the surroundings of the city. After checking in at a hotel, you can find a car hire service and, guided by this map of Aberdeen City, you can get easily from one location to another. When you visit Scotland, you shouldn’t forget to pack your travel insurance, this map of Aberdeen City and your identification papers.

Aberdeenshire obtained its name from the City of Aberdeen. Ironically, this city not part of Aberdeenshire council, but is rather a council area on its own. Yet, the headquarters of Aberdeen council is situated in Aberdeen, specifically at Woodhill House. From among the 32 council areas of Scotland, Aberdeenshire is the only one that stationed its headquarters outside the border of its area.

Map Of Aberdeenshire on the east coast of Scotland

Aberdeenshire is estimated in 2011 as having a population of 247,600 with Peterhead reaching the most number of inhabitants. A considerable percentage of employees that commute to Aberdeen for work are from Westhill and Fraserburgh. Majority of settlers in Aberdeenshire though, rests their livelihoods on fishing, farming, tourism and the oil industry.

Stretching along the north east coast of Scotland, one cannot fail to be mesmerized by the uniqueness of its stunning sceneries. Entrapped by the grandiosity of its craggy mountainous hills with a vibrant sea lying on its foot, and surrounded by countless sparkling lochs and rivers, this region is much appreciated for its delightful settings which are characterized by a rural environment, yet its people enjoy a highly urbanised lifestyle.  Its historic past is so vast, much of its remains are always left with so many – untapped by its sightseers.  The Royal Deeside, with its majestic Balmoral Castle, is a famous attraction. Discover why for 150 years, it has become a tradition of the royal family to visit this favourite place of theirs. Its ancient architectural sites are distinguished for their structures that are built with granite. With all these captivating facts about Aberdeenshire, the council itself makes special efforts to protect their natural treasures while they are non-stop in enhancing their means to offer well-maintained cosmopolitan services for individuals, young and old alike.